What is customer experience management?

Gaining the Tatvam edge for customer experience management

Customer Experience Management is a growing necessity to improve a brand’s relationship with its customers. Feedback analysis is the backbone to improving customer experiences; something that Tatvam excel at.

What is the customer experience?

  • Customer Experience is the intangible result of an interaction between a client and an organization. These interactions can result in either positive or negative customer experiences.
  • Positive customer experiences lead to better brand image, repeat sales, and word-of-mouth advertising. Negative customer experiences can harm a company’s image through various outlets for customer feedback.
  • An organization can also be guilty of forgettable customer experiences, which is also considered as bad as a negative customer experience.
  • A simple rule about customer experience is: If customers cannot recall an interaction with your brand in a positive manner, then they did not have a positive experience.

It is possible to analyze and measure the experiences provided by a business to its customers. Such customer experience analysis is achieved by studying and managing customer feedback.

What is customer feedback management?

It is the process of analyzing customer feedback to derive insights that
benefit the organization:

  • Customer Feedback Management is a continuous process.
  • It allows you to tap into the many sources of customer feedback.
  • This is primarily done through the use of technology-driven smart tools.
  • These tools extract useful information from high volumes of customer feedback and use it to improve customer experiences.

In the simplest of terms, customer feedback management means making sense of the scattered forms of customer feedback.

Importance of customer feedback management

  • Consistently managing the inflow of customer feedback allows you to understand how customer perspectives are trending in the market
  • The insights gained from feedback management allows you to make informed decisions when expanding your target audience
  • It lets your customers know that you are listening. With proper management, you will never miss those critical moments when customers speak publicly about their experience

Without knowing what they want, you can’t give them what they desire. Customer feedback management is that essential step towards enhancing every customer’s experience with the brand.

Improving customer experience with Tatvam

Tatvam manages customer feedback using Machine Learning and AI. The expert insights from these tools help improve customer experiences:

Reputation Management tools

  • These guide you to right areas, where you need to engage your audience.
  • Reputation management tools alert sensitive discussions that can affect your brand reputation.
  • Addressing customer feedback at the right time improves their experience and leaves behind a resolved trail for others to see.
  • This highlights the specific issues that customers experience with your product or service.
  • It lets you extract and collate important consumer reviews from various sources: Online Reviews, Email Surveys, Kiosk Surveys, Social Media Mentions, etc.
  • Customer experience analysis lets you see your progress over time and target improvement areas. Once you know what is lacking, you can work on improving the customer experience.
  • A Tatvam bonus: Graphs & Stats let you track your success to show which ideas are working.

Review Management tools

Sentiment Analysis

  • This is a specialized tool that targets the wealth of customer feedback in all your qualitative customer comments.
  • It sorts of customer experience data based on keywords to address customer sentiments better.
  • Navigates you through volumes of data to the important sentiments. This encourages a customer to develop a long term relationship with the brand, thereby improving their experience.

Social Media Analysis

  • This tool digs out genuine customer stories to help you understand your market.
  • It sifts through tons of customer reviews to categorize them based on sensitivity, priority, and publicity.
  • It integrates mentions from multiple media simultaneously to single out the negative ones that need your attention. The faster you respond, the more likely you are to reverse the effects of negative customer experience.

Customer experience analysis tools using Big Data Technology to build insights feature an accuracy that is proving essential in the omnichannel marketing world of today. And you too can make the most of it!

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Hubbe - Frequently Asked Questions

Customer experience is very important for retaining loyal customers and maintaining the goodwill of the company. It helps to ensure:

  • Customer vision creation
  • Better understanding of the customers
  • Development of emotional connection

It is very important for the business to be customer-centric and to take appropriate measures to keep reviews more positive. It also helps appeal to tough business since you know what would best please your customers.

Improving the customer experience is the main aim of CEM (customer experience management). Taking reviews and feedback from customers and using them to make improvements in the product or service concerned. The feedback is taken from:

  • Reviews on the official page
  • Comments on other channels and websites
  • Feedback on pages of competitors

The key elements to good customer service are:

  1. Listen, understand and identify what your target customers are looking for
  2. Respond to complaints and feedback on time
  3. Respect the opinion of the customers and make them feel important