Tatvam Email Reports Walkthrough

Tatvam Email Reports Walkthrough

Reach across your organization by sending email reports to anyone from the executive level down to individual department employees.​

Tatvam allows you to set up reports that help you regularly see things like reviews from online sources, top most mentioned topics, high level executive insights and much more.

​By setting up the right reports for the right people, you can save yourself tons of time while still ensuring the right information is consistently getting to the right people, so your organization can see the most benefit possible.

​To see a video of the report subscription tool in action click below, or scroll down further to see some of the most common reports that our customers are using today!

Commonly Used Reports

See some of the most common reports that are customers are using right now:

Executive Report

Typically set up as a weekly report, the Tatvam Executive report is meant to be a quick highlight of the most meaningful insights that Tatvam can pull together for a specific time frame.

Right now, our customers are making sure that their highest-level executives see a recap of each week with details that include:

  • ​How this week performed compared against the same week last year
  • The top 3 most positively mentioned topics each week
  • The top 3 most negatively mentioned topics each week
  • A detailed breakdown of the sentiment of each top topic

The reviews from the most negatively mentioned topics so they can see why the topics were negative.

​This helps the top executives quickly know at the beginning of each week what areas they need to pay special attention to in the upcoming week and ultimately makes a huge impact on the performance of the organization.

Daily Review Report

Specifically set up as a daily report, the Daily Review Report is a complete list of all the reviews that were left in a single day across all of your online sources.

​Our customers set up these reports for all the department heads, marketing staff, or anyone else that should be made aware of all the feedback that visitors are leaving on a daily basis.​

In addition to seeing the reviews from all sources in one report, this report also makes it extremely easy to see what topics were mentioned in each review and color codes them based on sentiment.

​See how a review looks in this report below:


Topic Specific Review Reports

Topic Specific Review Reports are great reports for making sure that the right people are getting the right information. All of our Tatvam reports can be filtered to only consider reviews that mention a specific topic. (i.e. Price, Crowd, Etc.)

​Our customers most commonly use this functionality as a way to make sure that reviews that mention a specific topic are automatically sent to the person in charge of that area.

​i.e. All the reviews that mention the “café” or something about the food, will get automatically sent to the Food Services Manager - OR - All the reviews that mention “Construction” to be automatically sent to the Director of Construction.

Top 20 Topics

Typically setup as a weekly, or monthly report, our customers have the ability to easily set up a report to see what the Top 20 Most Mentioned Topics were for a specific time period.

​Marketing teams love this report as it lets them know if they saw an increase in chatter on a specific exhibit or event they have been marketing for.

To learn about more ways our customers are using Tatvam, check out our other walkthrough articles here!

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