Social Media Analysis

Digging up Social Media to Find Out Genuine Customer Experiences  

Social Media Analysis helps in understanding your customers’ experience based on their social media content.

It is a process that tracks and collects all the opinions/views shared by customers on social media platforms. Through the use of data mining, we compile this data into meaningful insights.

Why Analyze Social Media 

With almost three and a half billion users on Facebook and other platforms, ours is an internet-centric world where people are constantly sharing a wide range of views and opinions on the said platforms.

Every day, millions of terabytes of data are created and a large portion of this can be attributed to social media. Considering even a small fraction of it to be customer experience sharing, the result amounts to a mountain of very useful data. 

How it Works 

Analyzing social media by finding tons of customer reviews, categorizing them, and building insights is now possible, thanks to the power of Big Data Technology and AI.

Not only can it maximize revenue, it can also reduce expenditure on customer service. In some cases, customers can provide solutions to otherwise complex looking problems, but only if we listen to them. 

We at Tatvam, offer Social Media Analytics, which is a carefully designed system that leverages the fact that customers leave opinions online about brands/products and that this data can help in understanding customer sentiment. 

How We Get It Done 

Social Media Mentions Tracking 

  • Tatvam’s use of carefully designed social media analytics tools keeps an eye on any mention of your company’s name in a comment or post, on all social media platforms.
  • With every mention of your brand/product, the social media mentions tracking gets into action and the data is updated with the type of keywords that have been used.
  • The keywords are categorized and presented in the form of insightful data visualizations using modern data processing techniques.
  • This can help the company be aware of the exact issue and can help in taking concrete actions resulting in measurable effects.

Filtering Abilities 

  • Tatvam’s tools can quickly filter reviews of a certain type, such as the negative ones, from all social platforms, to take immediate action on them.
  • Negative reviews/expressions on social media can not only cause financial damage, it can also severely damage a company’s reputation.
  • In most of the cases, special attention and timely action on such filtered posts can be a lifesaver for the company’s reputation on social media and in the real world.
  • Our social media reporting tool simultaneously monitors multiple social media platforms and brings together data from all the platforms to filter and provide precise information.

It is a world where social media is the biggest communicator of all times, and it is crucial to listen to what it tells us. Contact us to know how you can make the most of social media through our analytics tools. 

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