How to improve customer experience with customer feedback management?

Harnessing customer feedback to improve customer experience

Improving customer experience is a process; it involves listening to, understanding, and analyzing customer feedback. Tatvam help companies harness the potential of customer experience analysis and use it to improve their business.

What is customer feedback?

In the simplest of terms, customer feedback is a direct review of your work. In practice, however, it is a lot more than just a comment on you or your business:

  • It is a valuable source of information that allows you to understand a customer’s perspective regarding your brand
  • It holds the key to expanding your business in a manner that would be welcomed in the market
  • It is necessary data that provides strong footing to with any businesses looking at sustainable growth

Customer feedback is a goldmine, but one that is scattered all over the internet. Mining it effectively would mean understanding which sources to tap.

The sources of customer feedback

The internet is the best place to be heard, and that is exactly where all the precious feedback lives. Customer feedback management begins with these sources:

  • Social Media: This can be your brands biggest source of feedback. If anyone has anything to say about a product or an experience with a brand, this is where it often happens.
  • Support Emails: The support staff knows all too well how the customers feel. Support emails contain some of the most crystal-clear feedback that a company could ask for.
  • Online Reviews: Online reviews from sites like google, yelp and more can have a huge impact on your business in today’s influencer minded world. Every product has a string of online reviews that greatly impacts its popularity.
  • Product Surveys: Consumers fill these out all over the web. It allows them to help each buy what’s best. The opinions swapped here and on similar forums are a treasure trove of information.

There is only so much information you can mine out of suggestion boxes. Tap the web!

What does the customer think about your business?

This is what customer feedback all about: understanding what they think and feel about your business.

  • Managing customer reviews allows you to learn their perceptions of the brand, their expectations of the product, and their likelihood to recommend.
  • Is your customer happy, sad, or indifferent to your service? Customer Feedback Analysis answers these questions to let you know your exact standing.
  • Remember: If you aren’t in the discussion, then you aren’t even in the radar. Either way, customer feedback can dictate your next marketing campaign.

How feedback helps you improve customer experience

  • The final goal of using customer feedback analytics is to enhance each customer’s experience with the brand. Mining customer feedback is step one in this process.
  • A customer’s experience improves when they get what they expect. However, without knowing what they want, you can’t give them what they desire. 

Improving with Tatvam

The scattered sources of information can make customer feedback analysis a challenge unless you have the tools of Tatvam:

  • Online Review Management tools that extract and collate important consumer reviews.
  • Sentiment Analysis that specializes in twitter mentions, to tap into that wealth of feedback.
  • Social Media Analysis that digs out the genuine customer stories to help you understand your market.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled tools that generate expert insights through the analysis.
  • The ability to monitor feedback continuously through the seamless Tatvam Dashboard.

The volume of customer feedback is growing every day, and it is essential you know about it. Tatvam lets you take charge of the scattered sources, and constantly analyze them for better customer experience management

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