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Streamline Your Community Management Process and Improve Customer Experience with Voice of the Customer Solution Tatvam

“Tatvam has solved a major pain that we had in the customer feedback operation. Prior to engaging Tatvam for intelligent analysis, we had internal employees taking 10+ hours per week to read hundreds of customer feedback responses and that barely covered a sample set. We needed a way to correlate common complaints and product requests across several channels and manually assign values to a spreadsheet updated weekly to identify trends. Tatvam was the only solution that took the NLP keyword spotting and ran a detailed sentiment analysis on each keyword. Several services in the industry will give a sentiment on the review but when a user says that they like (x) but they don't like (y) the reports would come out as neutral. Tatvam is the only solution that will break out the sentiment of (x) and (y) independently and allows us to compare those across multiple channels. From customer support complaints and AppReviews to CSAT surveys; Tatvam enables us to break down specific product-level insights by customer type so we can devote our time to directing resources to improvements rather than spinning wheels on manual tasks that consistently fall short. Using Tatvam has saved us time and money while improving our ability to focus on improving the experience for our fans. “

Aaron Zeanah

Customer Satisfaction Manager – Turner Sports

Why Tatvam?

  • Manage Customer Feedback
  • Find Data Fast
  • Share Findings with a Click
  • Measure Success

Problem: The Digital Media Industry receives a lot of customer feedback on a lot of different channels. This can be very difficult to manage.
Tatvam Solution: With Tatvam as a community management tool, you can view all feedback in a single environment and quickly filter to view comments and customer reviews that need to be addressed across all sources, and increase the overall customer experience.

  • Save time and money by reducing work and effort immensely
  • Set up email subscription reports for relevant feedback to be sent to the applicable people in the company automatically

Problem: Finding prominent bugs, crashes, and issues across all the different channels is time consuming and leaves little time to interact with the gamer community.
Tatvam Solution: Tatvam as a community management software lets you immediately look up any gamer comments that mention terms like “bug”, “crash”, or “glitch”. This gives you a curated list that saves you a ton of time when identifying which bugs are mentioned most often so you know where to devote resources first. Tatvam systematically analyzes gamer experience patterns.

  • Without Tatvam, searching for mentions of a specific topic required going to each channel and reading through hundreds, if not thousands of gamer comments and listing out each individual mention
  • With Tatvam, simply choose a filter and see every mention of that specific topic listed out in multiple different formats, and simply click to turn that information into a shareable PDF

Problem: Properly formatting and sharing data after finding it all can take a long time, and still not convey the data correctly.
Tatvam Solution: With Tatvam, as a community management software you can streamline how data is shared by using automated reports that can be sent to anyone on the team!

  • Tatvam utilizes multiple different formats for displaying data, allowing the user to choose how they view and share that data
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports make the job easier by setting up different members of the team to receive the exact data they want to see, when they want to see it!

Problem: Properly reporting on customer feedback and measuring the gamer experience is hard. This is due to both the quantity and the commonly unstructured format.
Tatvam Solution: Our community management tool automatically collects all of your customer comments and then tags and scores every mention of every topic. This allows you to:

  • Easily check historical trends and continuously track effects of changes in your community
  • See trends and measure the performance of each specific aspect of the customer experience

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