Classifier List Dashboard Walkthrough

Classifier List Dashboard Walkthrough

Would you like to be able to quickly see what kind of language your visitors are using when they talk about you? Would that help with the language you use in your campaigns or SEO keyword planning?

​How about just being able to understand exactly what is being talked about and what isn’t amongst your reviewers?

​The Tatvam Classifier List Dashboard helps you easily see at a glance, what is being talked about and what isn’t – as well as identify what other topics that you might want to look at that you haven’t thought of before.

​This will help you manage what topics you are tracking in Tatvam better, while at the same time also help you with marketing campaigns and SEO keyword planning!

​To see a video of our Classifier List Dashboard in action click below, or scroll down further to see some of the most common ways that our customers are using this today!

Most Common Uses

See some of the most common ways that our customers are using our Classifier List Dashboard right now:

Manage Tatvam Classifiers

Our Classifier List Dashboard makes it incredibly easy to see what topics are being talked about and what aren’t amongst your online reviewers.

​As a part of Tatvam you get to choose exactly what topics, words and phrases you are keeping track of. This is however, a learning process, as you may find that some of the things you think people might be talking about, they aren’t, and vice versa.

​Our customers use the Classifier List Dashboard to see exactly what is being mentioned and what isn’t so they know how they can continue to refine the list of words and phrases they are tracking.


Not only are they able to see mention counts on all the topics, words and phrases they are tracking, but they also get a list of other suggested words and phrases that have been picked up that they aren’t tracking!

​All of this helps the Tatvam product become more and more valuable as you continue to make this product work specifically for your organization!

Tailor your Marketing Campaigns

One of the biggest benefits of the Tatvam Classifier List and out approach to custom tracking topics, words and phrases, is that we can collect a ton of information on trends and patterns in the language your reviewers are using.

​Our customers use this information to identify what topics make the most sense to tailor their campaigns around based on visitor satisfaction and sentiment, and what keywords to use for SEO purposes base on what words are most commonly used in visitor reviews!

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