Classifier Drilldown Dashboard Walkthrough

Classifier Drilldown Dashboard Walkthrough

Would you like to immediately see what topics are making the biggest impact on your visitor experience?

​The Tatvam Classifier Drilldown Dashboard helps you easily see at a glance, what words and phrases are mentioned the most paired with exactly what the average sentiment people are giving them. By looking at the ups and downs of this graph, you can know in seconds where your attraction is shining and where you are lacking the most and prioritize your efforts accordingly.

​This will help you save a ton of time and help you know exactly where to focus efforts to create a better experience for your visitors!

To see a video of our Classifier Drilldown Dashboard in action click below, or scroll down further to see some of the most common ways that our customers are using this today!

Most Common Uses

See some of the most common ways that our customers are using our Classifier Drilldown Dashboard right now:

Find the Most Impactful Topics

One of the best ways that this dashboard can be used is to show you exactly what topics are making the biggest positive and negative impacts to your overall visitor satisfaction scores.

​Right when you load this dashboard you see a list of all the words and phrases that you are tracking and what their associated sentiment score is. By looking at the highs and lows of this line graph, you can se exactly what is helping you and what is hurting you in an instant.


In the graph above, you can see that the topics like “price”, and “crowd” are the lowest points on the line graph and thus are the biggest reasons your review scores may be dropping. While inversely you can see that two of the main exhibits have the highest points on the graph, so people are loving these exhibits and they are helping your scores!

Dive Into Topics

Another great use of this dashboard is to dive into the sub topics of any one specific topic to se if you can recognize impact areas! You can click on any word in the color wheel to the left and dive into al the mentions of al the related topics to that main topic!


For example, in the graph above, I selected “Crowd” and am now seeing all the mentions of each word associated with that topic. So, I can see that “school groups” and “lines” seem to have a high impact on why people are talking about the crowd!

Identify Topics

One of the other ways this dashboard is often used is to seek out topics that have really positive average sentiment scores but don’t have a lot of mentions. This usually means that when people are experiencing these things it is really good, but for some reason not enough people are doing it!

​This can be an opportunity to make a push in marketing and get more people to take part in this area! In the graph above you can see that “Annual Membership” is not mentioned very often, but when it is it is positive – thus indicating a potential opportunity to push this for a better visitor experience!

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