A Voice of the Customer Solution for Measuring Passenger Experience and Increasing Non-Aeronautical Revenue

We worked with Tatvam to transform the way we collect and evaluate the online voice of the customer within the digital marketplace. As a result, our executive team and partners are now able to make informed decisions based on real-time data and correlate revenues with customer satisfaction.

Steve Mayers ,Airport Director, Customer Experience, ADA and Title VI Coordinator

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Why Tatvam?

  • Manage Passenger Feedback
  • Know the True Impact
  • Measure Success
  • Increase Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Problem: An airport receives a lot of passenger feedback on a lot of different channels. This can be very difficult to manage. Tatvam Solution: View all feedback in a single environment and quickly filter to view comments and reviews that need to be addressed across all sources.

  • Save time and money by reducing work and effort immensely
  • Set up email subscription reports for relevant feedback to be sent to the applicable people in the company automatically.

Problem: With so much passenger feedback, it is difficult to see exactly what is making a real impact on the passenger experience.
Tatvam Solution: Tatvam helps you to:

  • Immediately see what has been talked about and how everyone feels about every specific aspect of your passenger experience.
  • Immediately see what makes the biggest impact and create a more data driven approach to improving your passenger experience
  • Easily share insights and help the whole organization do their part to improve the whole passenger experience.

Problem: Properly reporting on passenger feedback and measuring the passenger experience is hard. This is due to both the quantity and the commonly unstructured format. Tatvam Solution: Tatvam automatically collects all of your passenger comments from any source and then tags and scores every mention of every topic. This allows you to:

  • Easily check historical trends and continuously track effects of changes in your airport
  • See trends and measure the performance of each specific aspect of the passenger experience.

Problem: When you do not have all the data, you cannot be sure you are making the right decisions for maximizing non-aeronautical revenue potential.
Tatvam Solution: Tatvam provides the insights your leadership teams need to:

  • Monitor the impact that concessionaires and other businesses have on passenger experience.
  • Make operational decisions informed by passenger voice.
  • Correlate increases in passenger experience with increases in non-aeronautical revenue.

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