About Tatvam

About Tatvam

Any company that puts a focus on the customer experience and measuring the voice of the customer, will see an incredible value from utilizing Tatvam for Customer Feedback Analysis. Tatvam enables you to aggregate your social media mentions, online reviews, survey responses, email support logs, and more!  Drill-down into comments mentioning specific topics, track and measure your success through in-depth graphs and visualizations, and calculate the overall customer sentiment of everything about your organization.


Tatvam gives you real, actionable measurements in to your customer experience. Measure how you have improved or slipped over time with customer feedback and overall visitor sentiment.

Actionable Insights

Analyze all the review and survey content that has been written about your organization at a topical, keyword level. This will give you the data support you need to prove certain changes need to be made, by showing actual customer feedback in easy to understand graphs!

Visitor Impression

See how many mentions any single specific topic got and correlate that with industry specific metrics like Trip Advisor Percent Excellence Scores!

SEO practices

Tatvam can show you keywords and phrases that are being talked about that you may not be aware of. Use this content as keywords for your SEO planning and improve your online advertising and marketing.


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