A Voice of the Customer Solution for Improving Customer Experience

Manage and analyze customer feedback comments from social media, online reviews, surveys, support emails and more in one solution.

How Tatvam Helps Improve Customer Experience

Create Better Experiences

Tatvam helps you listen to your customers better. Analyze, measure and report on all of your customer feedback in one place with Tatvam, and let your customers tell you what to do to make your customer experiences better.

Save Time and Money

Quit wasting time trying to read, organize and respond to all your online reviews, comments and survey responses across so many places. Manage all your customer feedback in one place with Tatvam.

Understand the Impact

Take the guesswork out of managing your customer experience and immediately know whats making the biggest impact on your customer experience. Tatvam immediately transforms all of the feedback left by your customers into actionable insights.

Measure Performance

Clearly show how the customer experience has improved or declined after you make changes in your organization, and even benchmark how your customer sentiment appears against your closest competition.

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Why Tatvam?

  • Manage Customer Feedback
  • Know the True Impact
  • Measure Success
  • Perform Smarter Marketing

Problem: There is a lot of customer feedback coming in on a lot of different channels. This can be very difficult to manage.
Tatvam Solution: View all feedback in a single environment and quickly filter to view comments and reviews that need to be addressed across all sources.

  • Save time and money by reducing work and effort immensely
  • Set up email subscription reports for relevant feedback to be sent to the applicable people in the company automatically.

Problem: With so much customer feedback, it is difficult to see exactly what is making a real impact on your customer experience.
Tatvam Solution: Tatvam helps you to:

  • Immediately see what has been talked about and how everyone feels about every specific aspect of your customer experience.
  • Immediately see what makes the biggest impact and create a more data driven approach to improving your customer experience
  • Easily share insights and help the whole company do their part to improve the whole customer experience.

Problem: Properly reporting on customer feedback and measuring the customer experience is hard. This is due to both the quantity and the commonly unstructured format.
Tatvam Solution: Tatvam automatically pulls in all of your feedback data and then tags and scores every mention of every topic. This allows you to:

  • Easily check historical trends and continuously track effects of changes in your company
  • See trends and measure the performance of each specific aspect of the customer experience.

Problem: With so much customer feedback coming in, without a customer feedback analytics product like Tatvam, Marketing may be leaving a lot of intelligence on the table.
Tatvam Solution: The work that the Tatvam product does can be extremely beneficial for marketing teams. We commonly see our customers use Tatvam to:

  • Identify the words and phrases used by their customers so they can create more custom-tailored marketing campaigns.
  • Measure the trends on topics and exhibits they are marketing to help measure the effect of their campaigns.
  • Build out key audience segments based on interests for more personalized experiences.

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